Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Some unique characteristics of a hedge fund


As the founder of PartnersAdmin, Scott Tominaga has a good vantage point of what goes on in the world of finance and investments. He generously shares his knowledge through a set of blogs discussing topics in his industry. This one discusses hedge funds and their characteristics.

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1. A hedge fund is a type of fund that is not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC). One of the consequences of this is that hedge funds cannot be marketed or promoted through any form of mass media. This is why you don’t see any newspaper, magazine, or TV commercial that advertises hedge funds or opportunities to invest in them, shares Scott Tominaga. This simply means that the SEC does not have to watch your back when you make these investments.

2. A hedge fund cannot take money from the public. There are many investment models out there that are often described as publicly offered. That is not the case in hedge funds. There are really no firm rules when it comes to hedge funds, but there are discriminators at work, which can profile its potential clientele. Typically, hedge fund investors are accredited investors, meaning that they have a certain net worth or income in order to get into this type of unregulated arrangement, notes Scott Tominaga. 

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3. In contrast with mutual funds, wherein the fund manager is incentivized with a percentage of the asset involved in the investment, thereby motivating him to pursue a bigger investment from the client, hedge funds are more lucrative. A hedge fund, a relatively more actively managed fund, gives the fund manager the opportunity to get larger fees as well as the profits of the investment, even as high as 20% of the returns.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A few more lessons from running a business in the time of a pandemic


If there’s one thing that Scott Tominaga, leader of PartnersAdmin, believes, it’s that young entrepreneurs everywhere can learn a lot about how to navigate a business during a global health crisis.

For today’s blog, Scott shares with everyone a few more lessons from running a business in the time of a pandemic, with the focus this time on bringing the business home. 

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1. Setting up (an online) shop.

One of the things that Scott Tominaga marvels at today is that through technology, a person can actually set up shops online with virtually zero capital. For retail establishment owners who have experienced having their shops closed, this is good news. They can bring their products home and have it shipped from there to clients.

2. A two-pronged approach

Many of the successful home-based businesses today usually have two approaches in how they market their product. The first part of their campaign usually has them advertising their products and services on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The second part of the campaign rely on these social media links that will direct customers to either the main website or a YouTube channel with tutorials. 

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3. The best multimedia

Scott Tominaga mentions that for a home business to effectively get its products and services in the market, people have to see their offerings in the best light possible. Learning how to photograph or take a video of samples to make them look as appealing as possible is a great start.

Scott Tominaga is a professional in the hedge fund and financial services industry. He has been responsible for all aspects of back office operations on a daily basis, including investor relations and marketing. Know more about Scott by visiting this page.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

How to invest in your local economy


With every state affected by the coronavirus outbreak, it’s no surprise that several localities were hit harder than others. In rural locations where jobs are scarce, businesses shutting down for health reasons are crippling the local economy. Not everyone can just work from home or live off savings for a year. There is a reason why people across the country were protesting to reopen businesses. According to Scott Tominaga, the best way for a community to thrive once more is by pouring money into local businesses. Here are some ways you can help your local economy. 

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Create a local investor network

On your own, it might be impossible to save your local economy. This is why you should look for the cavalry to back you up. Finding several investors who can direct some of their money to help a failing business or help a business reopen takes the load off your shoulders. As a group, you can choose which establishments to help, help them, and be part of the business itself.

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The internet is a wonderful thing. You can create a crowdfunding page, upload a video, and save a business in a matter of days if you are that lucky. Thousands of people constantly browse crowdfunding pages, ready to give a helping hand, so don’t shy away from programs such as these.

Keep spending locally

It takes a while before cash circulates in a small community. Support every business, even if it’s not cost-effective. Your local grocer’s potatoes are $2 more expensive than the one in the next county? Pay the difference. Are you planning on replacing your AC at a mall in the next town? Ask your local handyman if they can fix your AC. Scott Tominaga believes that the best way to revive a local economy is through grassroots spending by locals.

Scott Tominaga has almost two decades of experience in the hedge fund and financial services industry. He has an extensive understanding of the middle and back office, accounting, compliance, and administrative functions within financial services firms. Visit this page for similar reads.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Why technology will always be a sound investment


Guiding people towards financial security is part of Scott Tominaga’s specializations. He has advised countless clients in the past on putting their money in some of the soundest investments available. 

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  For today’s blog, Scott Tominaga shares his thoughts on why technology will always be a viable investment choice for businesses.

It’s understandable how much business owners would be hesitant to spend on anything, especially when they’re starting out. After all, cutting expenses is a huge deal in getting that elusive ROI. However, there are a number of things that need to be spent on, such as a decent marketing campaign, office space, salaries, and new technology. Yes, technology. 

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Technological devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, servers, networks, and other similar gadgets are not only a requirement for a majority of businesses today. The latest, more-updated versions of these devices are tools for companies to be more productive, to have smoother processes, and, ultimately, to better serve their clients.

Combine the right training programs, cybersecurity measures, and all the latest tech, and a company will have a leg up on competitors who are lacking in any one of those. It also goes without saying that the tech industry is in constant development, meaning that new apps and programs are created on a regular basis to make business easier to run. That, in itself, Scott Tominaga stresses, is worth the investment.

Scott Tominaga is a professional in the hedge fund and financial services industry. He has been responsible for all aspects of back office operations on a daily basis, including investor relations and marketing. To know more about Scott and his background in investment, visit this page.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Investment and beyond: A look at yield management


Scott Tominaga from PartnersAdmin LLC continues to share with readers everywhere some vital information about investment and business. In today’s blog, he focuses on the hospitality and tourism sectors as both industries have been dealing with a lot of changes in the past decade because of the development of connectivity and the constant globalization.

Before the pandemic hit, the hospitality and tourism industries contributed almost 10 percent of the total economic output, and supported almost 10 percent of jobs in the entire world economy. This is why as far as investments go, Scott Tominaga believes it to be a wise choice. 

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However, for people looking to invest in these industries, it is crucial to their success that they learn about yield management.

Yield management, simply put, is the sale of the right asset, which in this case can be accommodations such as rooms, to the right client at the right time. Yield management can tremendously improve market segmentation through competitive pricing. The method also decreases the incidents of pricing mistakes, and creates a clearer picture of what customers want and expect. 

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In yield management strategies, early booking is pushed, and the prices of rooms increase over time. This justifies higher prices for late bookings and higher profits for investors. People who are well-versed in yield management such as Scott Tominaga know that factors such as customer demands and budgets are constantly changing, hence the need for dynamic pricing.

Scott Tominaga is the Chief Operating Officer of PartnersAdmin LLC. He has almost two decades of experience in the hedge fund and financial services industry. His company was established in 2008 with the intent to provide quality, outsourced solution to the dynamic back office needs of alternative fund industry. To know more about Scott and PartnersAdmin LLC, click here.

Friday, August 14, 2020

The looming effect of machine learning on global finance


Scott Tominaga, CEO of PartnersAdmin LLC, has always believed that technology plays a major role in the state of global finance. Several tech advancements throughout human history have shaped the financial standing of countries, businesses, and people everywhere. 

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For today’s blog, Scott Tominaga explores a fascinating technology that once was only seen in science fiction movies and featured in science fiction novels. This tech is called “machine learning.”

If the name did not give it away, machine learning is probably one of the earliest forms of artificial intelligence that the world will ever know. At its most basic, machine learning is a series of computer programs that come to forecasts and conclusions through the utilization of tried and tested statistical models.

What does machine learning hold for global finance?

For starters, machine learning analyzes statistics and can now create financial portfolios on an incredibly large scale. Combining machine learning’s objectivity and the intuition and experience of financial advisors, clients have a lot to look forward to, Scott Tominaga explains.

Furthermore, machine learning can enhance cybersecurity, alerting banks, businesses, governments, and people of impending frauds and scams by spotting anomalies in transactions.

However, what Scott Tominaga is most looking forward to with machine learning is its ability to see trends in global finance faster and more accurately than ever before.

Scott Tominaga is a professional in the hedge fund and financial services industry. He has been responsible for all aspects of back office operations on a daily basis, including investor relations and marketing. Visit this page for more on Scott and his work.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Why technology is one of the most solid investments of all

Scott Tominaga, CEO of PartnersAdmin, has kept himself busy over the past few months by helping his employees, clients, and people everywhere. He also has continued writing and sharing highly informative and educational blogs to aid investors in making the right decision, especially today in an incredibly unstable economy brought about by the global pandemic. 

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Image source: Pixabay.com

For today’s blog, Scott Tominaga turns his attention toward technology and discusses how tech can be one of the most solid investments of all.

The first thing to consider is the incredible return on investment (ROI) potential of tech as an investment choice. Most investors know how to compute the ROI. And if one considers how low the investment cost is in tech compared to the possible net gain, tech may have one of the highest ROIs in the world.

Financial experts have always highly recommended tech as a major investment, considering elements such as costs and benefits, as well as forecasts, approximations against several varied scenarios. Even with additional costs of training and support, and factors such as disruption and tech evolution come into play, tech still stands head and shoulders above a majority of investments.

And Scott Tominaga hasn’t even mentioned how new tech can help other companies of investors by upping productivity and making work relatively easier.

Scott Tominaga earned his B.S. degree in Business Finance from Arizona State University in 1988. An experienced professional in the hedge fund and financial services industry, his skills involve expertise in middle and back-office, accounting, compliance, and administrative functions within financial services firms. For more reads on finance and investment, visit this blog.